The Chemical Brothers, Goldie, Skrillex… sus compañeros lamentan la muerte de Keith Flint

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La muerte de Keith Flint a los 49 años, a causa de lo que parece un suicidio, es de esas que cuesta creer. Como parecía evidente, muchos de sus compañeros de profesión le han rendido tributo, destacando que, tras la apariencia peligrosa y desafiante que arengaba a las masas en vivo, había un tipo dulce y amable en extremo.

Así lo aseguran The Chemical Brothers, compañeros de generación en la que la electrónica se convirtió en el nuevo rock, o Goldie, un claro precedente musical para The Prodigy. Otros artistas británicos, tanto precedentes como posteriores, reconocen la gran pérdida que supone la muerte de Flint: Brian May, Gary Numan, Dizzee Rascal, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Ian Brown (The Stone Roses), Kasabian, James Blunt o Sleaford Mods se han mostrado igualmente tristes. Y la prueba de que The Prodigy fue uno de los pocos grupos británicos de los 90 en ser realmente grandes en EE UU es que Skrillex, Lupe Fiasco o The Black Madonna reconocen la fuerte influencia de Flint y The Prodigy en sus carreras. «Ni siquiera hubiera tenido una de no ser por Keith», asegura la mitad de Jack Ü.

En el plano nacional, nos llama la atención la anécdota que ha contado Guille Galván de Vetusta Morla sobre la vez que conoció a Flint: fue en aquel Festimad 2005, «el del riot», en el que Guille ejercía de runner para la organización del festival. En un hilo para no perderse, el músico recuerda cómo tenían que esconder sus acreditaciones para que no les quemaran a ellos también. Pero, sobre todo, recuerda los aullidos de gozo de Keith en el backstage, mientras los invitados VIP (!) saqueaban las barras. «El mejor día de mi puta vida», asegura Galván que gritaba Flint. DEP.

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Very sad to hear of the death of Keith Flint. I was backstage when Prodigy were playing a festival soon after ‘Firestarter’ came out. I was knocked out their records and the intensity of their show was awesome. But, feeling a lot of anger in Keith’s delivery, I somehow assumed he would hate us – Queen, etc. So I just nodded in respect when I saw him at the other side of the stage while the gear was being changed over. He ran straight over and did that Wayne’s World tongue in cheek bowing thing, and then spent a good five minutes telling me very warmly how much he loved our music and had been inspired by it in his life. After that, I perceived him very differently. And I enjoyed their records even more ! But that’s the only conversation we ever had. How horribly sad that he got to the point of taking his own life at an age when he was still so potent. A tragedy of modern life. RIP Keith. Bri

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You’ve never seen a performer with as much energy and passion as Keith. Period. Point Blank. Any Genre. He prowled the stage like a leopard. Back and forth. Waiting for the exact moment and then…he exploded. It was fucking mesmerizing and scary and beautiful. When I first saw it I lost my mind. I’ve been trying to do it at my shows ever since. You’ve never seen a crowd react the way a crowd reacts to The Prodigy. Ever. It’s like watching a vertical stampede. The combination of Liam, Maxim and Keith and the rest of the savages on drums and guitar was hands down in my book the greatest musical experience ever. EVER. I went to 17 shows. Face paint and all. Chasing that high. Keith and Maxim were like watching two surgeons doing brain surgery in a disco with dynamite. Precise, loud, powerful, explosive on the bass drops, cathartic in the breakdowns, destroying the stage every single time. I wanted to be in the band or atleast carry the luggage so I could have a valid excuse to be in attendance every night to the zen violence that is The Prodigy. Keith was a champion, a maniac and a gentle soul. Always smiling off stage and humble and then an all out warrior once the lights went low and Liam pulled the trigger. Get the World on Fire live album to get a little piece of what I’m talking about. When those first guitar hits of Firestarter drop you know shits about to hit the fan and then that fan is about to get hit by a bus!!! It’s punk magic for the heart and soul. Man brother…to Maxim I hope you find some peace and know that your brother Keith meant a lot to a lot of people on the lunatic fringe looking for a place to belong as loud and as free as Keith. He is an inspiration and played his part to transfer for all that energy and pain, weaponized it and destroyed some demons. If I had dragon balls I’d bring him back first then mother teresa…maybe! Prodigy Now, Prodigy Forever! Sincerely, One of your biggest fans. Lupe Fiasco 🐜 @theprodigyofficial

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